The Origin

Welcome to Her Lovely Crystals. We are a mom-daughter owned small business that started with a child's dream of making crystal jewelry. and Thanks to YOU, it has grown to so much more than we thought.

My name is Ale (short for Alejandra), and my daughter Jacklyn is the founder of Her Lovely Crystals. When she was in high school, she talked about having a small business to save for any of her own little expenses. One day, she talked to me about crystal jewelry and showed me a list (which I still keep) of all the items she would include. Of course, I supported her 100%! We bought tools, crystals, and so much more! She was a NATURAL! Quickly she became so good at making rings, earrings, necklaces, and keychains with crystals. These pieces were really her lovely crystals! The love and energy she put into every piece, was amazing! After every piece was done, she would smudge it, charged it, and set positive intentions using her amazing energy. She loved everything she made. And when a piece was sold, she "jumped off the roof" of excitement! 

My little girl had so many plans for Her Lovely Crystals - To see it grow and expand. One of her major goals was to make bracelets, intention candles, "indie" stuff as she called it, and one day sell them online. But my little girl grew up faster than I thought ... and she went on to find her own journey and purpose in life, leaving everything behind.

She taught me about crystals, their meanings, and their healing abilities. One night as I was thinking about her, I picked up wire, tools, and rose quartz. I made the most beautiful ring (in my eyes, lol). I was so excited that I woke up my mother just to show her. My excitement was that of my daughter's. And so, I taught my mother, Raquel, to make crystal jewelry. 

At that time, I was working in a mechanical engineering firm. I had my own business as an Architectural Designer and Building Contractor. My company was moving very slowly since I did not have the luxury of dedicating 100% to it. During my job at this firm, my mother got cancer. It was a struggle keeping up with all the appointments, even having help from my siblings. Although my job was very understanding and helpful, due to the lack of work and the number of absences to care for my mother, it was decided to lay me off. 

No work, lots of bills, an ill mother. I decided to pick up my design business 100%. And though it doesn't grow overnight, I did get many projects going, but it wasn't enough, and I talked to my mother about Her Lovely Crystals. Without giving a second thought to it, she agreed.

It became meditational to her. She would spend hours making bracelets and earrings. Blessed to say, my mother is now CANCER-FREE!

Little by little, we have seen our small business grow. We have seen many loyal customers that have become amazing friends! New customers that have heard or shared amazing stories within the crystal healing life! Every support, whether being a purchase or recommendation has meant the world to us! A million thank yous to ALL of YOU who have crossed paths with us. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for YOU! Thank you for being HERE. 

With love and Positive Vibes,

-Her Lovely Crystals