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Her Lovely Crystals & RaAe



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Aries traits: adventurous, competitive, energetic, confident, courageous, bold, ambitious, quick tempered, impulsive, spontaneous, and impatient. 

Bloodstone: (zest of life) Grounds aries encouraging thoughtful action over impulsive action. Helps lead Aries with wisdom and compassion. Promotes patience and emotional resilience. 

Green Aventurine: (Stone of Opportunity for Aries) Enhances success in all areas of Aries. Encourages growth and confidence to get out of the comfort zone. Creates stability for the impulse Aries. Balances energy to navigate Aries' fast spaced lives. 

Red Garnet: (passion and commitment) serves as an alignment with Aries' dynamic nature and bolstering their determination in pursuits.

Amethyst: (Protection) Harnesses Aries' assertiveness with insight and empathy, making their leadership more inclusive and visionary.

Kunzite: (stone of love and manifestation) Aries can benefit from Kunzite for its manifestation properties and can aid in getting Aries' thoughts and ideas across more clearly and accurately. 

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