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Her Lovely Crystals



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Nature is all around us, connecting our being to where we first started. Nature, just as life, can be rough or calm and often reminds us who we are, where are we going, and at times, tells us to take it easy. “Nature” activates the Root and Heart Chakras.

This Nature piece is designed with Petrified Wood and Moss Agate. Petrified wood was once an ancient, living, breathing tree, fossilized over thousands of years. To this day, Petrified Wood stands as a connection to nature. It teaches us patience and understanding of how to go with the flow of life. It also eases emotions of stress and worry, while increasing the joy for life. Pairing with Moss Agate, it refreshes your soul and enables you to see the beauty in all you behold. Moss Agate is also a stone of abundance and having Petrified Wood as a partner, you can balance yourself, have a sense of security, and provide a strong  foundation for new goals or changes in your life path. 

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