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Divine Intuition

Divine Intuition

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Divine intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge and truth coming from a higher consciousness. Divine intuition is composed of Azurite and Rainbow Moonstone. 

Azurite, also known as the Stone of Heaven, possesses a great conductor of spiritual energy. Associated with the Third Eye chakra, Azurite enhances and guides your psychic and intuitive development. Azurite with Malachite unlocks powerful visions, strengthens the ability to visualize and understand the true motives and whys of others. Physically, Azurite helps with all issues in the brain and head, supports a healthy liver, thyroid, and nervous system, as well as clearing toxins from the body.

Rainbow moonstone is a stone of cosmic light vibrations and offers spiritual healing for the whole of humanity. It takes you to the inter and multi-dimensional journeys. Rainbow moonstone helps you see the unseen, using your intuition to read symbols and synchronicities

Wear in your right hand and remove at full moon. It may cause palpitations, if so, remove immediately.

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