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Her Lovely Crystals



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“Euphoria” is designed with Nuumite and Morganite crystals with 14k gold spacers. This pair is magnificent together. Taking you to the center of your body and truly loving every part of it not wanting to ever leave this beautiful place in yourself.

Nuumite is the “Sorcerer’s Stone” and is a powerful shield against ill-wishing and psychic manipulation. It is one of the oldest mineral on earth. It helps with stealth and sureness and is the perfect stone to retrieve a lost soul or the child part within you. This intense stone contains elements of magic and must be used respectfully with right intentions, or else, it will rebound.

Morganite is a love and angelic stone, opening your heart to accept love and light in the midst of darkness. Morganite also boost feelings of joy, patience, confidence, compassion, peace, and support during hard times.  

This pair will teach you respect, honor, love, and extreme comfort and joy being in touch with yourself while shielding you from any sorcery or psychic sight. 

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