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Her Lovely Crystals & RaAe



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In ancient Greek, Sophía, is the abstract noun of sophós, which translates to clever, intelligent, skillful, and wise. 

The Sophía bracelet brings forth the beauty of Flourite and royalty of Blue Sapphire with gold filled spacers.

Blue Sapphire is also known as the wisdom stone. It can bring mental clarity, wellness to the mind, bring your thoughts to order, and helps the brain's functions. It is also very helpful for a restful sleep, so that you are always feeling recharged. 

Flourite represents a magical genius stone. Not only brings beautiful lucid dreams, but also aids in retaining memory, comprehend, and better translate of your dreams and thoughts. It is believed that Flourite has the power to activate both parts of your brain, therefore, allows your brain to function at higher capacities AND in perfect harmony. 

The energies of these two stones intellectually bonding, will help you think clearly and make better decisions even when working under pressure. 

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