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Her Lovely Crystals & RaAe



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Psyche takes her formation from prehnite, amethyst, and clear quartz; along with 14k Gold-Filled or Sterling Silver spacers. 

Psyche connects to the mind, body, soul, and spirit. In psychology, psyche means the totality of the mind, conscious and unconscious. 

Ever wonder why you can guess exactly what is going to happen? Or you thought of something and right away it happens? If so, this bracelet is going to help you understand how to become a true leader of your imagination and foretelling. 

When we combine these powerful stones, we are opening to our inner divination. Our third eye reveals itself. While prehnite is known for its healing and psychic abilities, amethyst and clear quartz will ground and protect you from going into the "deep end". 

By mastering self control, and keeping your own ego and personal opinions out, you will find yourself closer to your spiritual understanding of this universe. 

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