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Her Lovely Crystals & RaAe



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Virgo traits: loyal, analytical, practical, hardworking, over critical, shy, perfectionist, reliable, easily frustrated, picky, responsible.

Red Jasper: (Stone of Endurance) is one of the best Virgo crystals. It is a grounding stone for Virgos, helping them connect to the Earth and bringing stability and balance. Assists in dealing with their worries and perfectionism, which are common Virgo traits. Encourages patience, understanding, and a sense of contentment.

Smoky Quartz: (Acceptance) Activates the Root and Crown chakras. Smoky quartz will assist Virgos in letting go of the painful pasts, putting off negative and self-doubt wounds and opens up the body, mind, and spirit to help Virgos move forward.

Clear Quarts: (Amplifier, Master Healer) Provides clarity of thought and purpose. This versatile crystal promotes concentration and memory, aligning with Virgo’s intellectual pursuits. Helps Virgos see their goals more clearly and pursue them with determination.

White Howlite: (Calming Stone) Calms the stress and worriedness of anxious Virgos. Encourages peace and patience, bringing sense of tranquility and understanding. 

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